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Life's Happy Recipe

People always talk about the happy recipe to life, however, happiness is reduced to moments, sometimes it relies simply in our memory, a gesture, a smile that was dedicated to us or perhaps, one that we give away. A moment that we share as a family where we enjoy a special snack, as our grandmothers often say, love enters through the kitchen.

What if I tell you that the Cuban sandwich is pretty close to my personal recipe for Happiness. As I repeat the recipe over and over again, the true Cuban sandwich, the one that my mother always remembers was when my grandpa would bring home for my grandma, mom and my aunts. She accounts that the best one was from the neighborhood cafeteria, had the ingredients that initially marked it’s world-famous name ‘EL CUBANO”. In today's Miami, where the largest Cuban community that lives outside of Cuba recreates the delights of that time, as simple as it may seem, seasoning comes down to making it right. The “EL CUBANO” is flavorfully filled with pork, swiss cheese, ham, pickles and mustard, in a perfect warm Cuban bread panini style as my mom says. The best kept secret is the Cuban Bread, which today we recreate our bread exactly with the recipe of one of the oldest and best bakeries in Miami. And it is that many dispute the origin of El Cubano, but without a doubt, there is no greater satisfaction than when one our customers returns and tells us that they ate the best ‘EL CUBANO” with us, Tropical South by the Cuban Thing… that is a moment that we keep in our memory and that gives us happiness.

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