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Catering Options

Our extended catering service goes from the formal to the gourmet plated dinner service.  We serve popular options for corporate and large social or charity events as well as private events.   Guests have the opportunity to socialize and chat as they wait to serve themselves a delicious array of Cuban-inspired dishes.

We offer a variety of dishes while considering various dietary preferences.  We can cook up individually from appetizers to the main courses.  Some will return for seconds. 

PROS – Small or large appetites, we can fit your event. We offer the right balance of protein and vegetarian dishes so you can typically satisfy all guests, including any with special dietary restrictions or allergies.


CONS – Guests can never have enough.

Appetizer Style




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Contact us at or 647-424-0031 to create a delicious catering menu for your event, we can prepare a buffet style or individual dishes. 

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